The course is an introduction in the use, implementation and effects of new media in corporate communication. This course is an English-spoken course. 

The focus is the mutual dependency between

  • organizations, their structures and communication behaviour,
  • and the use, implementation and effects of new media.

For instance, intranet use is expected to influence internal cooperation, while cooperation itself is expected to shape the intranet design.

Themes in the course are:

  • Socio-psychologic models and the use of new media.
  • Implementation issues in e-government,
  • User behaviour in virtual groups,
  • Strategies and trends in the application of new media in networked organizations,

 Within these themes, we are looking at relevant communication theories, concepts, and new media – developments.

  • On the individual level, we consider CMC theories like the media richness, social presence and social information processing.
  • On the level of group communication, we consider the functional perspective on group decision-making and the adaptive structuration theory.
  • On the level of an organisation, we consider theories like the information systems approach and the network approach.

 The course is built up around the online center for ‘Research in Networked Communication’ ( . RINC is an initiative from the department of Media, Communication & Organisation, Communication Studies, University of Twente. Our goal is twofold. We want to develop this research center as a study support service for current communication master students and as a support service for continuing professionalisation of former master students.

 The course consists of five meetings and three assignments. We expect you to attend all five meetings and to read the required texts in advance of the meetings. In addition, you have to fulfil the three assignments. Based on the grading of these, you will get your final mark. This course runs in the first module of the first semester (sept 09 –nov 09). In addition to this course, you can join a research project in the second module of this semester (nov 09 –jan 10). Both, this course and the project course are 5 ects each. 

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