Networked Knowledge

Schooltrack is a coherent set of instruments for tracking the development of educational organizations. We are developing Schooltrack continuously. We apply Schooltrack in research projects in order to monitor school developments. Based on this, we support innovativeness and quality deveopment.

Project Maker

The Project Maker enables you to develop your own research projects.

What is?

  • A research project is a quantitative study, consisting of one or mare research practices.
  • A research practice is a single data collection with one or more questionaires..
  • A questionaire consists of one or more items and one or more scales.
  • A scale consists of two or more items.
  • An analysis is a pre-defined analysis resulting into a report

How to do it?

  • create a Research Project,
  • In a research project you are able to develop one or more research practices.
  • In a research practice you are able to develop one or more research questionaires.
  • In a questionaire you are able to develop one or more measurement items and measurement scales.
  • If you do have questionaires, you are able te develop one or more data collections in a research practice.
  • Based on a data collection you are able to develop one or more data analyses in a research practice.
  • You can copy / paste your research project to where ever you want

What more?

  • You can Copy /Paste projects, practices, questionaires etc to where you want to store or manage them..
  • So, you can re-use each object.
  • You can build up your own project base, consisting of projects, practices, questionaires, scales, data, etcetera

Project VCPO Opleidingsschool Twente
In the project Professional Development School VCPO-Twente (VCPO Opleidingsschool Twente) we track the development of a network of schools as a learning organization.

Our Schooltrack Research Center
Schooltrack is the research center in which we organize our School tracking research. In here, we develop and maintain our tracking instruments, we set up research projects, carry them out and report the results.


Networked Service Quality

We are developing the Service tracking method. This method enables us to monitor and steer the development of online services. We apply this method in selected research projects.

Here, you find the Project Maker, current project ant the Service Track Knowledge Base. You can use the Project Maker to develop a quantitative research project, including questionaires, etcetera. In this project, you can electronically collect your data, and carrout a number of analyses. The Knowledge base contains available scales, questionaires, relevant information sources, etcetera.


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